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Conferences on Indigenous political and legal issues

  • Me Morin offers customized conferences services devoted to a non-aboriginal audience, from 9 to 99 years old,  having for objective to facilitate the understanding of aboriginal issues that Canada’s and Quebec’s First Nations have to face in present days. An overview of non-aboriginal / Aboriginal relations’ evolution from Columbus «pretended discovery» to our days, with an emphasis on concrete actions that non-native could make and the role that they could play in view to gradually improve Aboriginal’s overall situation on short, medium and long term.
  • Me Morin also offers customized conferences devoted to Aboriginal audiences with the objective to present the historical relationship’s evolution between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people as well as related political and legal issues derived from this relationship. A specific emphasis is made on the conciliation of traditional values and modernity taking into consideration the context related to decolonization, self governance and Aboriginal’s substantial contribution to Canadian’s and Quebec’s societies.
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